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                          News -> Industry News -> Shandong province, the PV implementation for poverty alleviation programme: three years reached 1000 villages, 100,000 poor households

                          Shandong province, the PV implementation for poverty alleviation programme: three years reached 1000 villages, 100,000 poor households

                          Number of visits: Date:2016-06-02

                          Recently, the leading group of poverty alleviation and development in Shandong Province issued special notice implementation plan for the province's poverty alleviation crucial (hereinafter "notice" or "the programme"), robust poverty reduction Group (2016), 3rd file. Notifications include poverty, poverty alleviation, PV 25 specific implementation program for poverty alleviation crucial for poverty alleviation.

                          Among them, the Shandong provincial PV implementation for poverty alleviation programmes explicitly: 2016 to 2018, photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation through the 3 years, organizations, strive to reach 1000 Pro-poor focus, 100,000 poor households of the village.

                          Shandong province PV implementation for poverty alleviation programmes

                          First, objectives and tasks

                          According to "provincial and Manpower, and County negative total accountability, unified planning, and points step implementation, policy support, and Heli advance" of General thought, established Government grants, and social helping, and financial support, and user funded, more way phase combined of funds financing mechanism, vigorously advance PV poverty engineering implementation, effective Zeng added poverty village collective income and poor family income, speed up poverty object poverty pace, full play PV poverty of industry led role and social integrated benefits.

                          Encourage qualified cities and counties (cities, districts) actively develop photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation. Implementation into two main classes: one is the non-collective economic income or economic weakness, lack of resources focused on helping the poor village; the second is incapacity (incapacity above 60 years of age and under 16 years of age minors and cause injury disability disability groups), no resources, no stable source of income documentation stand poor cards. From 2016 to 2018, photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation through the 3 years, organizations, strive to reach 1000 Pro-poor focus, 100,000 poor households of the village.

                          Second, focus

                          On the premise of ensuring precise, accurate poverty for poverty alleviation, according to local conditions, local conditions promoting the construction of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation. Both encourages spectacular take whole village advance of way, using poverty village, and poor roof and garden free to construction distributed PV power project, returns directly return poverty village or poor all; also encourages has conditions of County (city, and district) using mountain shortage slope, not using land, and agricultural big shed or facilities agricultural, construction concentrated type PV power station, land rent, and investment shares, returns and manpower for poverty village or poor poverty. (A) expressly objects. To be based on full respect for the wishes of the poor village, the poor, according to poor villages and poor voluntary reporting, the villagers ' Congress review publication, towns, audit, approval procedures at the county level, preferably into the PV range a poor village, the poor for poverty alleviation. Identify poor villages involved in the project, the poor must be in accordance with equitable principles of openness and fairness, conditions of strict standards, and strict adherence to screening procedures, prohibited acts of deception and get funds.

                          (B) develop photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation programmes. The city and the County (city, district) should be in accordance with the unified arrangements in the province, according to local households to file Basic, power to dissolve status, resource utilization such as construction sites, poor roof conditions, organization of local PV specific planning and implementation of programmes for poverty alleviation. Special Plan and programme of work should clearly PV poverty reduction project construction and layout, construction, financing, income distribution, operation and maintenance of the project, implementation of land use, planning and grid access conditions, and on the annual construction plans, enhance the relevance and operability.

                          (C) organize PV project for poverty alleviation. The relevant counties (cities, districts) should adhere to the principle of openness and transparency, poverty alleviation through tenders, determine the local photovoltaic engineering construction body, in accordance with the work programme and the annual plan for phased implementation of PV projects. PV poverty alleviation projects are to be purchase using advanced technology, national testing and certification bodies the certification of products and equipment, engineering construction body shall have sufficient financial strength, construction and operating experience, technology and management, and so on. Project construction body responsible for PV project design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance, and so on.

                          (D) follow up on regulatory services. To co-ordinate the establishment of photovoltaic engineering supervision mechanism for poverty alleviation to develop photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation measures, photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation bid construction, acceptance of guidance, supervision, operation and maintenance of all processes and services, protection of construction progress and quality, maximizing the benefits.

                          Three, guarantee measures

                          (A) enhanced financing. Implementation of PV projects for poverty alleviation in relevant counties (cities, districts), establishing and improving the benefits, social support, financial support, helping units and combined in many user contributions such as financing mechanisms. Provincial cuts to the County's development funds for poverty alleviation (including special industry funds for poverty alleviation), each county can be combined with the actual local conditions for photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, 2016 for photovoltaic engineering featured industries for poverty alleviation to poverty alleviation fund to ensure that the earmark. Seek national photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation funds, Central and provincial budget investments and all kinds of special construction funds. To widen channels, with good medium-and long-term low interest loans from financial institutions and micro-loans for poverty alleviation in particular "enriching the farmers credit" financing levels are encouraged to actively help package, integrated and used in poor villages, poor photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation. Encourages and supports all types of enterprises involved in the PV project for poverty alleviation, actively engaged in the PV business for poverty alleviation, provincial development and reform Department arrangements focused support from the PV power plant size, and so on.

                          (B) enhancing power grid services. Development and reform Department to actively complete rural power grid and grid enterprises development plans, coordinate and photovoltaic power grid construction and transformation project for poverty alleviation in rural areas. Power grid enterprises in conjunction with rural power grids grading scheme is being implemented, increase the input in key areas for poverty alleviation funds and projects, do network upgrading and construction of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation synchronization, synchronization implementation to ensure that grid-connected photovoltaic project for poverty alleviation needs. To the principle of simplifying processes, service, issued by grid access in a timely manner, optimize system operation and give priority to safeguard electricity generated by a full Internet access and regular settlement of electricity, to pay subsidies to ensure timely.

                          (C) simplify project approval. Each county in accordance with the relevant requirements of the administrative examination and approval system reform and decentralization, establishment of green channel, simplifies PV project management for poverty alleviation programs. Relying on its own building (structure) of distributed PV facilities on or near poverty alleviation project, coordinated by the County power company unified grid conditions, agent for the record management as a simple registration procedure; for concentrated photovoltaic power station projects for poverty alleviation, according to the principle of territoriality implement territorial management, shortening processing time and improve work efficiency.

                          (D) innovative working model. Active and innovative PV poor models, encouragement and support to the County (city, district) according to local solar energy and land resources, such as financing and grid access, select enterprises, resource, capital investment and other forms of overall development of photovoltaic resources, cooperation in building photovoltaic power station projects for poverty alleviation, dividend income and manpower used in poor villages, the poor get out of poverty every year. Relevant counties (cities, districts) to co-ordinate PV development planning and implementation of programmes for poverty alleviation, provincial development and reform Department every year to optimize 2-3 County (municipal and district) as the photovoltaic demonstration counties for poverty alleviation to actively seek national PV capacity. Old yimeng, linyi actively sought to create national photovoltaic demonstration project for poverty alleviation.

                          Four, organization

                          (A) establishing coordination mechanisms. PV poverty alleviation project is subject to provincial and municipal coordination, responsibility to the County, into the coordination mechanism. Provincial level is primarily responsible for the preparation of PV work programmes for poverty alleviation in the province to develop photovoltaic pro-poor policies, coordinate major issues. Overtime guidance and services is mainly responsible for docking at the city level, implementation of related policies at the national and provincial, support funding and policy, strengthen its monitoring project had urged. Bear the responsibility of promoting photovoltaic poverty alleviation at the county level, responsible for making PV plan and implementation plan, implementing project construction fund, organize projects, coordination, supervision and management, acceptance and distribution of services and so on.

                          (B) further clarified Department duties. PV is a systematic project for poverty alleviation, the relevant departments in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, strengthen communication and coordination, cooperate closely and work together to advance the work carried out. Sent modified sector led is responsible for PV poverty implementation programme developed, and construction scale towards and arrangements, and supporting grid planning construction, work; poverty sector led is responsible for publicity launched, and select poverty village and poor, and developed annual plans, and led organization financial special poverty funds of project implementation; land, and forestry, and planning, sector according to their duties, is responsible for coordination implementation PV poverty engineering construction with to, and planning location, work; financial sector is responsible for related financial of raised, and allocated and regulatory Financial management is responsible for the coordination of financial institutions giving loan support to photovoltaic projects, pricing departments responsible for photovoltaic engineering pricing policies on poverty reduction; utilities responsible for photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation grid access, grid, electricity tariffs and subsidies and settlement, and so on.

                          (C) to strengthen the supervising. All relevant departments at all levels to poverty alleviation of poverty reduction project as photovoltaic industry an important part of strict standards, clearly defined responsibilities and setting a timetable and a roadmap, strengthen dispatching communications supervision and assessment to ensure timely implement the task goals. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of photovoltaic poverty alleviation special funds and auditing, inspection, and false impersonation in the photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, interception privately, such as corruption and embezzlement, waste violation violation issue, strictly investigated and dealt with firmly.

                          (D) to create a good public opinion environment. All relevant departments at all levels, enterprises and the media through a variety of forms, enhance photovoltaic pro-poor policies, project dynamic, effects, typical cases of promotion, for the community to fully understand the photovoltaic project for poverty alleviation, guide the majority of poor households and the community actively supports and participates in photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, develop a work of good atmosphere.

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